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Pawtucket Fire Department

Pawtucket Is a small city outside providence.Pawtucket and other Rhode island cities uses something called mutual aid.
with Mutual aid a Pawtucket rescue could go into another city to assist them if there rescue is out.The Color Codes are:Code Red-Fire,Code Yellow-Return all companies,Code Blue-Unfound.The apparatus consists of:
Engine 1- E-one Fire apparatus,West Ave.
Engine 2- Ferrara fire apparatus,Downtown
Engine 3- Maxim Fire apparatus,Columbus Ave.
Engine 4- E-one Fire apparatus,Cottage St.
Engine 5-(foam) Beck Fire apparatus,Smithfield Ave.
Engine 6- Maxim Fire apparatus,Newport Ave.
Ladder 1- E-one Fire apparatus,Downtown
Ladder 2- E-one Fire apparatus,Cottage St.
Rescue 1- Road Rescue,West Ave.
Rescue 2- Road Rescue,Cottage St.
Battalion Chief-Ford Explorer.
The citys that border Pawtucket Are East Providence,Providence,Cumberland,Central Falls,Lincoln,and North Providence.